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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Nicholas Christian to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel [Extract]
Christian, Nicholas
July 27, 1774
Volume 09, Pages 1022-1023

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[N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Letter from the Rev. Mr. Christian to the Society. (Extract.)

Brunswick, July 27th, 1774.

My Lords and Members of the Society for Propagating the Gospel,

At five different places in the county I perform divine service (viz) in Brunswick Church, at the Norwest at Lockwood's folly, at the Boundary between the North and South province and at a place called Waccamaw: the two former places are near thirty miles from the Town of Brunswick where I reside and the latter places are upwards of forty miles, the roads exceeding bad especially to Waccamaw there being upwards of twelve swamps to cross some of which are so deep that horses are frequently up to the Saddle in crossing them. In this place common prayer had never before been read nor the Gospel preached, so that the people are rather ignorant, but very desirous of being instructed which, according to the utmost of my ability, I shall endeavor to do. In this remote wild place there are above thirty families, but very scattered. In my last visit I baptized many of their children some of them seven or eight years old having had no opportunity before of bringing their little ones to the Christian baptism. This place is situated on Waccamaw river near the green swamp entirely out of the way of all Society. I have baptized in all since my arrival which was on the fifteenth December last about 50 white children and 1 adult 70 years old, married 4 couples, buried 8 corpses, had at Whitsuntide 14 communicants and at Easter about 18, and on Sundays I examine the youths and lecture them on the Church Catechism which I find is very pleasing and agreeable to many in the congregation. This parish is really a very poor parish, especially for the Minister, the Surplice fees being so trifling and no laws to empower the vestry to levy the usual taxes which goes very hard with a young person just setting out in life and little of his own to support him in these troublesome times. Now as this incorporated Society are a number of Gentlemen of sound judgment and acute penetration I shall submit the matter to their judicious consideration whether or no the duties of so large a parish and so many places to perform divine service at can be done without some expence and much fatigue, especially as horses are so monstrous

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extravagant in this province. As for my part I shall use every effort in my power to propagate the true Gospel of Christ, to the glory of my creator and the honor of so worthy a society but where my circumstances are so narrow I can only wish well to so good a cause, and am with all due defference, the societies most devoted &c,