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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Archibald Neilson
Neilson, Archibald, ca. 1745-1805
August 04, 1774
Volume 09, Pages 1023-1024

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Archibald Neilson.

Herriesburgh, 4th August, 1774.

Dear Sir,

Since I had the pleasure of seeing you, I had no opportunity of writing you:—indeed I have been traveling, from one place to another almost continually.

I knew not of my being to come here again on the present court, until a few days before its appointed meeting, and imagined, indeed, that from my representations, founded, in great part, on your opinion, that it might have been judged unnecessary. But from a more

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intimate view of the matter Mr Strudwick judged that my attendance would be proper.

The affair in which you did me the favor of your services has been again re-heard, and has gone against me by one voice. Mr Pen appeared as my Council: I know not that anything new was urged on one side or the other, excepting only that Mr Henderson urged the plea against Mr Strudwick's right to appointing;—the answer to which was such as naturally occurs to a man of ingenuity on the immediate consideration of the question. This, you will perceive' throws a new obstacle in the way to composing the matter; and, if not settled, Mr S. and the Governor must, to be sure, of a necessity, support what they consider as the Crown prerogative, by every constitutional, Legal and honorable method within their power; the most prudential mode can be the only election left them.

I postpone saying anything more on this matter, as I intend to see you at Hillsborough sometime the beginning of next month.

The Governor's family intended going to the Northward a few days hence; it was a dubious point whether his Excellency went with them or not—I incline to think he will not.

If I see not Mr S. as I expect before he arrives at Hillsborough, you'll be good enough to mention how the affair has been determined.

I wish you well with all my heart.

I am with sincerity & regard &c,