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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Halifax County Committee of Safety
Halifax County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
December 21, 1774
Volume 09, Pages 1101-1102

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. No. 222.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Halifax County.

Halifax County—Ss.

At a meeting of the Committee of the said County on the 21st day of December, 1774.

Present: Willie Jones, Chairman; Nicholas Long, John Bradford, James Hogan, Benja McCulloch, Jo. John Williams, William Alston, Egbert Haywood, David Summer, Samuel Weldon and Thomas Haynes.

It being represented to the Committee that Mr Andrew Miller, Merchant in Halifax Town, has refused to sign the Association; Ordered therefore that Mr Egbert Haywood and Mr Thomas Haynes wait on him and desire his attendance before this Committee, which being done he attended accordingly, Refused to sign and gave the following reasons,

“To Wit; for that I am largely indebted and have effects in my hands belonging to persons residing in Britain, which debts and effects I cannot remit for by next September, after which time I should be bound by this Association not to export any Merchandise or Commodity whatever to that Country without certain Laws are repealed, which I think would be unjust as it may be out of the Power of my Creditors or Friends to procure the repeal of any Law however willing they may be to exert their Interest for that purpose. And as I think it unjust to withhold from any person even at a Country at War with this the property which might belong to him in my hands, I must therefore object to signing that part of

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the Association respecting a non importance to Great Britain and shall continue to do so while I have any property in my hands belonging to People of this Country.”

Since therefore there is nothing peculiar or satisfactory in his reasons, but on the contrary they indicate an intention to export (if he can) after the first day of September next,

Resolved unanimously (to shew our disapprobation of his conduct and to encourage such Merchants who have signed the Association) that we will not from this day purchase any Goods Wares or Merchandise of any kind whatsoever from said Andrew Miller or any person acting for or in partnership with him: and that we will have no commerce or dealing with him after paying our just debts and fulfilling the contracts already entered into for commodities of this years produce. And we also recommend it to the people of this County in particular and to all who wish well to their Country to adopt the same measure.

Signed by order of the Committee.