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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Wilmington Committee of Safety
Wilmington (N.C.). Committee of Safety
July 12, 1775
Volume 10, Page 89

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee at Wilmington.

Wednesday, July 12th, 1775.

At an occasional meeting of the Committee.

Present: Francis Clayton, Deputy Chairman; Archd Maclaine, James Walker, Caleb Grainger, Wm. Campbell, Wm. Ewins, Adam Boyd, Dr. Geekie, J. Ancrum, Peter Malett, Andrew Ronaldson, Wm. Purviance, Henry Toomer, James Blythe, Timothy Blo dworth, Jno. DuBois, John Robeson.

On motion, Ordered that it is the opinion of the Committee a list of all the white male inhabitants of this town from 16 to 60 years of age should be taken and that John DuBois, James Blythe, Henry Toomer and Andrew Ronaldson take such a list and make return to this Committee or to the Secretary as soon as possible. Also a list of all the free mulattoes and negroes in the said town.

The Committee then adjourned till the next meeting.