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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Ralph Gorrell to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Gorrell, Ralph, 1735-1816
July 14, 1776
Volume 10, Page 668

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Ralph Gorrell to the Council of Safety.

Mr Chairman, & Gentlemen of Honorable Council,

As you will Receive by the hands of the bearer a letter to you Directed from Brigeder Rutherford, (as I suppose) praying that your Honors would order sum salt for the Distract of Salsbury and alsoe more powder, for the use of the Militia now order'd out against them Indians; and as Col. John Peasley of Guilford has appointed me Comosary for the Guilford Batalion with the abrobation of the Brigeder for said Distract, I should be Glad that your Honors in your Great Prudance would be pleast to order it that Each County in said Distract might know the quantity, and I should be Glad that you would send by the Bearer if you think proper an order to me to Receive at Cross Creek what Quantity you may a Judge Nessaery for Guilford so that I might be the more Expeditious in Geting the provissions ready for the men; & as there is a number of the militia Drafted that wants Guns in this County should your Honors Resolve that what tory Guns is in this County fitt for servace that the militia should have them on this Expedition it would perhaps Expediate their Dispatch. I should be Glad if your Honors would inform me if you order any of the salt for the militia of Guilford whether or not the money must be remited to the merchant there or he Charge the publack

Your Honors Compleyance with this will much Oblige, Gentn

Your very Humble servant,

Guilford, July the 14th, 1776.