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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and John Penn to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Hooper, William, 1742-1790; Hewes, Joseph, 1730-1779; Penn, John, 1740 or 1-1788
August 10, 1776
Volume 10, Page 740

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from the North Carolina Delegates in the Continental Congress to the Council of Safety.


We wrote you yesterday by express to General Lee with dispatches requesting his immediate return to the Eastern Colonies. We then mentioned to you that Congress in order to encourage the completion of the Continental Regiments had offered a considerable bounty to all non commissioned officers & soldiers who would enlist for the space of three years. Congress are deeply impressed with the necessity of making enlistments if possible during the War, but

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at any rate for the space of three years, as frequent enlistments prevent soldiers ever becoming expert in discipline and often put it in their power to quit their stations at a time when their services are most necessary for the publick safety. We recollect that our State hath given a bounty of 40s. to every man who has engaged in the Continental Regts raised in No Carolina. By way of economy and to save that Bounty to the Colony in part by making it a continental charge, We would propose that 5 dollars more be given to every non commissioned officer and soldier already enlisted who will engage for the space of the War, & if that cannot be effected, for a limited time; We wish a longer at any rate than three years, tho' that will come within the intention of Congress. In increasing the Regts begun to their proper number the new Recruits will be entitled to the 10 dollars bounty in case of the proposed extension of time in the enlistment. We imagine that this will operate to produce a very happy alteration in the state of our Carolina army, especially as the Soldiers will in a short time receive decent and comfortable Cloathing.

We are Gentlemen with great Respect,
Your obedt Humble Servants,

Philadelphia, Aug. 10th, 1776.