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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order by Privy Council of Great Britain committee concerning a petition from James Abercromby and Alexander Skene concerning expenses incurred in determining the North Carolina/South Carolina boundary, including petition
Great Britain. Privy Council; Abercromby, James, 1707-1775
May 05, 1737
Volume 11, Pages 27-29

[B. P. R. O. So Carolina Vol: 8. f. 55.]

At the Council Chamber at Whitehall
the 5th day of May 1737.

By the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs.

His Majesty having been pleased by His Order in Council of the 21st of last month to refer unto the Committee the humble Petition of Alexander Skene and James Abercromby setting forth that they were appointed Commissioners by the late Governor of South Carolina for Settling and adjusting (pursuant to His Majesty's Royal Instructions) the Boundary between that Province and North Carolina and for which service the Lieutenant Governor and Council of that Province thought it reasonable that the Petitioners should be allowed each of them a Guinea a day Provisions and Horses to be allowed them besides amounting to about three hundred pounds and did therefore lay the same before the Lower House of Assembly But the Petitioners not being able to obtain more than about fifty pounds for the whole which scarce made amends for the horses lost in the Several expeditions. They therefore most humbly pray that His Majesty would be graciously pleased to give directions for making the Petitioners full satisfaction for the Trouble and Expence

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they have been at in Settling the Said Boundarys The Lords of the Committee this day took the same into their consideration and are hereby pleased to referr the said Petition (a copy whereof is hereunto annexed) to the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations to consider thereof & report to this Committee what they think adviseable for His Majty to do therein.


To the Kings most Excellent Majesty in Council The humble Petition of Alexander Skene and James Abercromby:

Most humbly Sheweth,

That your Petrs by Commission from the late Govr of South Carolina were appointed Commissrs for Settling and adjusting pursuant to your Majesty's Royal Instructions the Boundary between that Province and North Carolina.

That your Petitioners thereupon proceeded to Cape Fear in North Carolina there to meet the Commissioners appointed in behalf of that Province.

That after many Conferences held during the space of six weeks by the friendly interposition of Gabriel Johnston Esqre your Majestys Govr of that Province your Petitioners had the happiness to remove a difference which had long subsisted between the two provinces and finally to settle and adjust the Limits to the mutual Satisfaction of both.

That soon after your Petrs return to Charles Town the Government there thought it absolutely necessary that a Line should be run pursuant to the Articles agreed upon & that the Trees in such Line should be markt the better to ascertain the Bounds of the two Provinces and thereby to remove all disputes that might otherways arise between the Officers of the respective Provinces in collecting Taxes and your Majesty's Quit Rents your Petrs was therefore appointed for that purpose.

That your Petrs being very Sensible what great inconveniency and fatigue must attend an expedition of that sort made provision accordingly both in Men and Horses but not without great expence to themselves.

That everything being got ready your Petitioners proceeded from Charles Town to the mouth of Cape Fear River in Province of North Carolina and from thence took their departure to pursue the Line according to the articles agreed upon as aforesaid.

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That your Petrs continued for the space of seven weeks with extraordinary Fatigue running the said Line most of that time thro' Desert and uninhabited Woods in many Places absolutely impassible until your Petrs had cleared the same added to this the many large and rapid Rivers as well as Creeks your Petrs had to pass by the assistance only of large Trees cut down and dug for that purpose.

And your Majesty's Govor Lieutenant: and Council being Sensible of the Services done by your Petrs and of the great expence attended them in performance thereof thought an allowance of one Guinea per: Diem to each of your Petrs reasonable for their fatigue and personal Services their expences in Provisions attendants and Horses allowed them besides the whole amounting to about 300. Did therefore lay the Same before the Lower House of Assembly but notwithstanding many Applications in your Petrs behalf could procure but about fifty pounds for the whole which did Scarce more than make amends for the Horses lost in the Several Expeditions.

That your Majesty's Govr having no fund at his disposal out of which to Satisfy your Petrs for what remains due your Petrs are therefore upon that account entirely without relief—Your Petrs therefore must humbly intreat your Majesty would be graciously pleased to give Directions for making your Petrs full Satisfaction for the trouble and expence they have been at settling the Said Boundary.

And your Petrs as in duty bound
shall ever pray &c

April th 19th 1737.

Recd May 18th 1737.

Read May 24th 1737.