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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Virginia General Assembly to John Harvey
Virginia. General Assembly.
April 06, 1773
Volume 11, Page 241

(From Calender of Virginia State Papers. vol. 8, page 5.)
Copy of a Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the colony of North Carolina.

Williamsburg, Virginia, April 6th, 1773.


This Colony having of late years sustained the greatest injury by having their paper currency forged, and it having been represented to our General Assembly at their last session, that the supposed principal author of this mischief is an inhabitant of North Carolina, they judged it necessary, as well to prevent such dangerous practises in the future, as to show their regard for the other Colonies, to pass an Act, to prevent counterfeiting the paper currency of other Colonies. Our Governor will transmit copies of this Act to the different Governors on the Continent with the request that they would be pleased to recommend to their different Assemblies to enact laws of the same import respecting Virginia. We have it in command to furnish the Speakers of the different Assemblies with the like copies, and to request the favour of their countenance and assistance in accomplishing our wishes upon so important an occasion. We therefore take the liberty of inclosing you a copy of the Act.

We have the honour to be very respectfully,
Sir, your mo. ob't serv'ts,