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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Bond from Robert Neilson for trading with Portugal and Spain
Leslie, James, ca. 1720-1781; Neilson, Robert; Telfair, Alexander, ca. 1738-1786; Thompson, John
July 26, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 331-332

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

July 26th 1776

North Carolina

Know all men by these Present that we Robert Neilson, Alexander Telfair, John Thompson and Leslie        of the Town of Halifax and province aforesaid Merchants are held and firmly bound unto Samuel Johnston Esquire President of the Provincial Congress in the Sum of Five Thousand pounds Procl. Money to be paid to the said Samuel Johnston and his Successors for the use of the province of No. Carolina to which payment well and truly to be made we bind our selves our heirs Executors and administrators Jointly and Severally firmly by these Present, Sealed with our Seals and dated this Twenty Sixth day of July Anno dom. 1776.

Whereas Robert Neilson Master and Owner of the Brigantine Polly hath this day applied to the Council of Safety for the Colony of North Carolina for permission to Export in his said Brig Sixty Thousand Pipe, and four thousand five Hundred Hogshead Staves from this Colony to some of the ports belonging to the Kingdoms of Portugal or Spain, in Order to procure for the use of this Colony a Supply of Salt and Warlike Stores, and hath obtained permission so to do.

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Now the Condition of the above Obligation is Such that if this said Robert Neilson do and shall within Eight Months from the date hereof without fraud, faithfully import into, & for the use of the Inhabitants of this Colony Salt, Arms Ammunition & other warlike Stores, to the full Value of the Net proceeds of the said Sixty four Thousand five Hundred Staves, and shall also produce to the president aforesaid an Account of the Sales of the said Cargo with a Certificate from the officer of the port of delivery within the time aforesaid, then the above obligation to be Paid, Otherwise to remain in full force power & Virtue the danger of the Seas Enemies & restraint of Princes only excepted.—provided that in Case of Seizure by the Enemies, restraint of Princes such seizures or restraint shall be made known and sufficiently proved before the Chief Magistrate of this Colony within Eighteen Months from the date hereof

Signed Sealed and Delivd.
in the presence of