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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to James Moore
North Carolina. Council of Safety
August 08, 1776
Volume 11, Page 341

-------------------- page 341 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Halifax 8th Augst 1776


Being informed by Gen. Ashe that Genl. Clinton has left Charlestown and is probably gone to New York, we have ordered that the Militia be discharged.—As it is uncertain how soon the Barracks may be again wanted we have directed that they be not pulled down, and we request you to see that they are taken care of. You will use them or not, as you please, for the Regulars, for the present; but whenever the Militia is called down they must have them.—

There is nothing new or material to communicate to you.—Capt. Bloodworth informs us that two of our men are prisoners on Board of the Man of War, and he is desirous that they be exchanged.—There are here one Atchison, a midshipman belonging to the Syren; and one Frazier an Adjutant, taken at Moore's Creek Bridge. If you think proper, you will endeavour to effect an Exchange.—We presume they would give up both our men for Atchison; but if they will not you may throw in Frazier.—We submit this matter to you, if you agree on the Exchange be pleased to give me Notice, and we will order accordingly

C. H. P.


1 i. e., Cornelius Harnett, Prest.