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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Griffith Rutherford
North Carolina. Council of Safety
August 23, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 346-364

[From Ms. Records in Office of Secretary of State]

Wake Aug. 23rd 1776.

Gen Rutherford, Sir,

Since our arrival at this place we have had reports from various Quarters to this Effect, that the Cherokees of the lower middle and valley Settlements in short all the Cherokees below the Mountains, had abandoned their settlements and fled to the Over hills. We have also been told that Maj. Williamson with the So. Carolina Troops has penetrated into their lower towns Should this be the Case, we apprehend it will be necessary to disband part of the Army under your Command, to station some of the Remainder on the Frontiers, and march the Rest to join the Virginians, as they will, if the above reports be true, have to encounter with the whole force of the Cherokees.—having determined to adjourn to Salisbury some time next week, we have prevailed on Mr. Person to ride to your Camp and confer with you, that, on his Return, we may have the most perfect Information of the state of Indian Affairs. You will be pleased to communicate to us at large your Ideas of the best and most effectual Method of conducting the War against the Savages, both defensively and offensively.—

We are with great Regard Sir.