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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Gray Blount to Richard Caswell
Blount, John Gray, 1752-1833
March 04, 1777
Volume 11, Page 406

[From Executive Book.]

St. Eustatia, March 4th, 1777.

I am sorry to inform our Excellency that I am not by any means able to procure salt in the West Indies on the terms which I expected. The doubts that are entertained here of property in America, renders it very difficult to get any person to accept of a draft on the State. Added to that the risque of the vessel in which the salt must come, makes it impossible to procure any quantity into that State without giving a most extravagant price; much more, I am sure, than the Convention expected at the time that limited the Agents each to draw only to the amount of six thousand two hundred and fifty dollars, a sum so inconsiderable that it would not procure more than three thousand bushels of salt delivered there and to purchase one bushel here by a draft on the State, and to get freight would be altogether impracticable. I have contracted for and sent per the bearer, Capt. Sears, bound to Edenton, seven hundred and fifty bushels, at sixteen shillings per bushel delivered there: and given a conditional bill on the Treasury for the amount of the same. I have at present a prospect of procuring salt on those terms to near the amount I am authorized to draw for. If it should be the case, I hope to dispatch the vessel in a few days. My bills are only payable in case the salt is delivered I shall therefore be obliged to remain here, until I am informed of the safe arrival of whatever salt I may send, unless otherwise ordered by the Hon'ble the Council of State. In the meantime I shall do everything in my power to encourage the carrying of salt to that State: If it should be judged best to endeavour to get a greater quantity of salt, or any other article on the acc't of the State, I shall gladly do everything in my power to procure it, on my being properly authorized to do so, on the best terms, and with all possible dispatch.

I am with respect your Excellency's most obed. humbe s't.
His Excellency the Gov. of No. Carolina.