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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Smith to Richard Caswell
Smith, Robert
July 19, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 525-526

[From Executive Letter-Book.]

Edenton, 19th July, 1777.


I went up to Halifax the 10th of this present month, when I was given to believe I should have the honour of waiting on your Excellency. I waited the 11th till night, when word came you would not be at Halifax before the 15th. I left a packet for your Excellency and Council, in the hands of Thomas Eaton Esq., which, as you did not go to Halifax, I hope he forwarded. It concerned the Brig King Taminy which I have had fitted out,

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and she is now ready to take her cargo; indeed I ordered thirty Hhds of tobacco to be put on board her, the sails overhauled, and the rigging set up. I req'd another person might be appointed in my room commissioner of her, as there would be an impropriety in my acting as agent for the Congress and Com'r for the State—especially as the Congress were to become charterer, they would necessarily expect I would make the best bargain for them I could, and this State would have an equal right on their part to expect it. I mentioned that I was willing to charter the Brig, have her valued, and on account of Congress would insure her out and back, from Nants, Bordeaux, or Port L' Orient—and execute the charter party with your Excellency and the Council: or, if you thought proper to appoint some person here I could execute it with them. As she now waits for your determination, the sooner it comes, the better.

I have the honor to be Your Excellency's most obed. &
very h'ble. serv't.,