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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from David Smith to Richard Caswell
Smith, David
July 26, 1777
Volume 11, Page 534

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Cross Creek, July 26th, 1777.

May it please your Excellency:

I am requested by the good people of this place to address you; they judging it convenient and absolutely necessary that an armed company should be maintained in this County till the act of Assembly can be put in force and have its due effect on those who refuse to take the oath of allegiance to the State; it being evident that upwards of two thirds of this County intend leaving the State, and are already become insolent, and it is apprehended will be troublesome.

I am therefore to request your Excellency and the Council of State that you would be pleased to order about fifty Light Horse, under vigilant officers whom you may appoint, to be stationed here; and should it be suggested that it would be difficult to raise the men in different Counties, it is imagined they could be easily raised here, especially under the command of Capt. Rowan, which shall seem most agreeable to your wisdom, and consistent with the present circumstances of affairs; these would protect the good subjects of the County, and see the said (act) duly enforced, without which it is apprehended the intention of the Legislature will be rendered abortive: in consequence of this and in behalf of the above request you are troubled with this from Sir,

Your Excellency's most obedient humble ser't.,