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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Rowan to John Ashe
Rowan, Robert
July 30, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 560-561

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Cross Creek, July 30th, 1777.


I just now received your dispatches for the commanding officer of this County, by express from Bladen, and am preparing to forward them with the utmost expedition. We have had various reports here lately of the Guilford and Chatham people's intention of mobbing us for salt, but the real design of these people may be what you apprehend in your letter. I have the pleasure to inform you, Sir, that this morning with a small company of volunteers I quelled a mob of about 140 persons collected from the Counties of Duplin and Johnston. They came here with a design, as they acknowledged themselves, of taking the salt by force, and paying what price they thought proper, from ten shillings to two dollars pr bush'l, and did not expect to meet with the least opposition. Some made their escape on finding they were to be opposed, but we seemed the greatest number, & upon their taking the oath to the State, and appearing very penitent, we allowed them what salt they wanted, at the market price, which is 5 dollars, and discharged them, I would be glad, Sir, if you would inform his Excellency as soon as possible that one of their leaders was a new-made Justice in Duplin, by the name of Page. The Scotch have refused taking the oath almost to a man. We have sent to his Excellency

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for leave to raise a company of Light Horse. I have a company of about 40 volunteers who, I believe, will stand by me to a man against any mob.

I am with respect, Sir, your most obed. Serv't.,
Brigadier Gen'l. John Ashe.