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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Cosimo de Medici to Richard Caswell
Medici, Cosimo de, fl. 1767-1789
October 21, 1777
Volume 11, Page 661

-------------------- page 661 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, Oct. 21st, 1777.

Dear Sir:—

I arrived in Town last night from the Northward, and having some dispatches for you, take this opportunity of conveying them. Your Excellency will find the purport of the letter from the Continental Treasurer to be concerning the Loan office Certificates, which are in my possession. I should have done myself the Honor of waiting on you in person, but am much fatigued, as also my horses, that renders it absolutely necessary, to make a stop here a few days. Tho' should you Sir, think it necessary that the same should be in your hands, you'll please to let me know by the return of the Bearer.

I was in the battle at Brandywine. Our loss dont exceed 700 killed, wounded and taken prisoners. Capt. Caswell received a slight wound in the hand, but was getting well before I left him in the Camp, he had not time otherwise would have wrote to you, he requested me to inform you of his situation. We have lost Poor Genl Nash in the Battle—Col. Buncomb and Lieut. Col. Erwin, both taken prisoners at the same time,—Genl Nash before he fell was in possession of sixteen pieces of the Enemy's cannon. But by an unlucky mistake in a crowd of smoke, a party commanded by Genl Washington in person, and Genl Green's division meeting, both took each other for fresh Troops of the Enemy, retreated, which occasioned Genl Nash and his party to give way and in the retreat he fell. Our loss supposed to be between 600 and 700 mostly taken prisoners. I return to the Northward in a short time, but before I go, shall do myself the pleasure of waiting on you, and am happy of this opportunity of having the honor of subscribing myself,

your most obedient