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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Cornelius Harnett to William Wilkinson, including memorandum by Harnett concerning lottery tickets
Harnett, Cornelius, 1723-1781
July 20, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 741-742

-------------------- page 741 --------------------
[By Post, From Corn. Harnett.]

Philadelphia, July 20th 1777

William Wilkinson Esquire Wilmington No. Carolina
Dear Sir,

I was Inoculated at Port Tobacco & had the Disorder very favourably—my arm continues very sore & inflamed indeed so bad I can not wear a Coat, & has prevented my attending Congress tho' I arrived here the 18th—Inclosed is a Letter for Mrs. Harnett which I must beg the favour of you to have well smoked with Brimstone as she is very fearful of the small Pox, I put all my Letters in the Sun for an hour before I seal them and am very certain the infection cannot be conveyed in a letter so far but it is best to be cautious—All kinds of goods are selling here at the most extravagant prices, I shall send you the Prices Current in my next—I am afraid you are fooling away your rum, Whiskey was selling at Tarborough as I passed through at 20 sh. per Gall. by the Barrell I hope you will make the most of the rum on hand, I can buy a Linnen Jacket & breeches under £10 this Currency Bro Cloth 9 & £10 per yd a Common Dinner & Club if you drink any wine 20 sh.—I hope you have managed to exchange the Cr. money in hand for Continental Currency as Mr. Clayton offered to have it done for us– Remember me to all friends, I shall write Capt. Forstor & Mr. Quince very soon, the Lotery will be drawn soon—for News I refer you to the Paper Inclosed—I sent the Numbers of the Tickets purchased by me for sundry persons, on the other side you have them again. Lest my letters should not have come to hand you will please make them known to the Concerned. I shall write you more fully in my next I am

Dr. Sir
Your sincere friend & hum. Servt.
William Wilkinson Esqr.

-------------------- page 742 --------------------


Tickets purchased for Mr. Dry
No. 18m918
10 in all
Capt. Forsters 2 Tickets on his own private account delivered by him to me ___ viz.
No. 18m973 and No. 18m990
1 Ticket Mr. Eras. M. Hanson
No. 19m783
2 Tickets for Maj. Caleb Grainger
No 19m784 19m785
For Quince & Co. 5 Tickets Viz
Rich Quince No 19m786
Corn Harnett—19m787
Willm Wilkinson 19m788
Forster & Brice—19m789
Thos. Craike—19m790

I had it not in my Power to procure any other Paper but the Evening Post.