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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen Jones to Thomas Burke
Jones, Allen, 1739-1807
August 06, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 746-747


Halifax, Aug. 6th, 1777.

Dear Sir,

I have to acknowledge the favour of yours of the 18th Ult. with the newspaper. I assure you no reverse of fortune can possibly damp my spirits or occasion any despondency, so thoroughly am I convinced that Time and America must overcome all opposition- I am happy in finding my thought agree with yours as to the mode to be persued in carrying on the war, and wish from my Soul that the Congress may have the wisdom to adopt the Counsels of my Friend- But Envy most accursed Demon, linked with Self interest frequently blast the best intentions.

Before now I make no Doubt but you have heard of a most accursed plot in favour of the British Tyrant. It was to have broke out with the assassination of the leading men in every County, and afterwards none were to be spared but such as repaired to their Standard– Heaven Blasted the Design and our

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Prisons confine some of their Leaders tho' some of the most atrocious are not yet taken.

The great Mr. Brimage is in Edenton Gaol being one of the heads of these Cut throats also his Father in law one Black John Stewart likewise a Brother of Tom's– I make no Doubt but hanging about a Dozen will have exceeding good Effects in this State & give Stability to our new Government– They seem to me to have been designed for this purpose by providence. Mr. Eaton on my application to him tells me that Mr. Burke wrote to him not to finish the Carriage and that now it was quite out of his power, owing to wanted workmen and materials, so that your wisest Step will be to get one whereever you can for I assure you it is become very difficult here. I shall take the utmost care of your Letters & send them by the first opportunity. You may believe me when I tell you that I am with Esteem & affection

Your Sincere Friend
To Dr Thos Burke