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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Hall to Richard Caswell
Hall, Thomas H.
September 23, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 776-777

[From MS. Records Office of Secretary of State.]

23rd Sept. 1777.

May it Please Your Excellency

To forgive me the presumption for addressing you at all, and next for the Subject of that Address. Your Excellency I presume before this shall reach your Hand, will be informed, that John Lewellen was convicted on Saturday last at Edenton for the Crime of High Treason; the Intention of this is to interceed with your Excellency (if you do not think such a desire inconsistent with your Duty and Character) to respite the Execution of that unhappy deluded Man and permit an opportunity of applying to the Mercy

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of the next Assembly for Pardon, its being his first Deviation from Rectitude and Virtue, and the almost exemplary fairness of his former Character and the Certainty that Disgrace and penury must remain entailed on his family consisting almost entirely of the softer Sex, and chiefly arrived to Womanhood, and the Knowledge which I and all the World have of the more than Ordinary tenderness of your Disposition are both my plea for Mercy and I hope my Excuse for this presumption; to you Sir (was I capable) of the pathetic it were needless as the Tears of the Widow and the Orphan must be to such a Head and Heart as yours the most prevailing Intercessors.

To the Criminal's former good Character I expect your Excellency will receive some Testimonials under the hand of the most considerable Men in Martin County (the place of his residence) who very earnestly wish the success of Mrs. Lewellen's Petition and she is accompanied by a Gentleman, one Mr. Mayo who will be able to inform your Excellency of the Character of the subscribers to a Label which will be delivered with the Petition.

I am your Excellency's
Most obedient Servant