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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Cornelius Harnett and John Penn
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
January 12, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 7-8

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Newbern 12th January 1778.


I did myself the pleasure of writing you the 27th ulto. by a Capt. Folger whom I met on the road, and who was going express from Cape Fear, where he had just arrived from France to Congress which I make no doubt, you have by this time received, since which I have had an opportunity of looking over the Journals of the General Assembly and have obtained such extracts from them as immediately concern you as Delegates for the state. Herewith you will receive as follows:

A Resolve of the 15th Decr. respecting the appointments of Brigadiers, a Resolve of the 19th regarding the measures necessary to adopt for carrying Resolutions of the Congress into execution. Resolve of the 21st Decr. respecting Capt. Hampstead, and a Resolve of the 24th Decr. for an allowance to the Delegates. So far as these Resolutions tend to point out any duty to be performed by you as delegates, I have no doubt of your paying a proper attention to them.

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I have directed the Secretary to transmit to the War Office a Copy of our Militia Law and of the aid Bill I mentioned to you in my last, if you shall have occasion to have recourse to them they go by the Post with this.

I have written to the Honorable the President of Congress in answer to several dispatches I was honored with from him. I have informed him of the price, I have directed to be given for sundry articles recommended by Congress to me to purchase viz:

Deer Skins in the Hair at 6 shillings pr lb.
Indian dressed and trimmed 12 shillings pr. lb.
Tanned Leather 8 shillings pr lb.
Good Strong Mens Shoes. 24 shillings pr pr.

These prices will I make no doubt appear to you to be very high, they are so, but I fear even those will not induce the sale of those articles, in any considerable quantities, and whether I may venture to go further, I wish to be informed, the other matter recommended to you, respecting the Militia, in my last I hope soon to hear from you upon, this goes by Post who brought in the last mail but one letter and no papers, so that we have not the least intelligence from the army.

I am with great regard and esteem Gentlemen,
your most obedt humble Servt.