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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Ancrum, William Wilkinson, and Jonathan Dunbibin to Richard Caswell
Ancrum, John; Wilkinson, William, d. 1780; Dunbibin, Jonathan
February 24, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 56-57

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington Febry 24th 1778.


On Saturday last came up to this Town from New York, under pretence of a Flag of Truce, the Sloop Sucky & Peggy—Robert Dunlap, Master. We therefore think it necessary to send to you such

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letters as have been delivered to us, that came in her. We should have equally sent you the Flag but, Col: Ward took it as well as a letter from Genl. Lee, to Genl. Ashe. We must beg leave to acquaint you that Major McLeod, who brings the Flag, was one of the principal acting officers in the Insurrection in this State, by the Highlanders and was himself in the engagement at widow Moore's Creek. We also enclose you these Depositions in regard to McLeod's going on shore at Brunswick, offering to purchase Cows &c, &c of his being possessed of a large quantity of gold and silver. As he has heretofore been a traitor to this State, we are ignorant how far his views may be to renew a disturbance in the State. This we leave to your Excellency and your Council's better judgment what steps are necessary to be taken on the above, and whether the Flag is not broken by his the said McLeod's going on shore, and offering to purchase Cows &c. One other principal evidence we have not been able, as yet, to procure, as soon as we do, it shall be sent to you. We have ordered the Sails of the Sloop to be unbent, and have stored them in a warehouse, and have taken every precaution with those on board from the shore. We have the honor to be

Your Excellency's ob. huml. Serants.