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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Talk by Raven of Chota to Richard Caswell concerning settlers in the Watauga District
Raven of Chota
April 14, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 90-91

-------------------- page 90 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

April 14th 1778.

Indian talk addressed to Gov. Caswell: My Brother you are the man that hears my talk, tho' I think I am speaking to the great beloved man of North Carolina through you. I understand he is head of that State. I was at a treaty with him, I looked on it so, tho it was some of his warriers, that touched flesh with me, but through him I thought I had him by the hand. That treaty seems to me but yesterday, I have been at Long Island, I wonder I did not see one of the warriors, from North Carolina, and one from Virginia, to strengthen the friendship. I remember at the treaty, we were never to forget what was said on both sides, and what was said came from our hearts, how can your people be so forgetful, while it seems but yesterday to me and my people, what ever I hear I do not mind, as yet, I am determined, to keep strong my promise, I have sent my father Capt. Robertson, whom you gave me to assist in hard matters, he will bring me the truth. I promised you by your warriors, as I was head of my nation, if my people were bad, I would alter them. I have cleansed their hearts, this you hear from me. I hope to hear from you, better news than is now going. My people have been lying very still. They had good ears at the treaty, I wonder at your people of Wataugah, that they should be so forgetful, they are marking trees all over my country, and near to the place I live, and are killing my stock near my beloved towns, now I give you this from my heart, I promised you my people should do no harm. You told me you could do anything with your people. I hope you will put a stop to your people cutting our trees, and let the mark grow out. We were promised I looked on it from your mouth, that your people should not cross the boundary made by your warriors, and by me and my people, except on business, and then only in the path, and if they should do it you would punish them. If there was any such orders given surely the people would not go on at the rate they do, I hold fast my end of the chain of friendship, and keep it bright, there is a small speck of rust on that chain, I hope you will help me to rub it off. I shall give

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you but a short talk, as I will say nothing but truth, in a long talk there is apt to be lies. I send you a white string of beads, in confirmation of what I have said. I have mentioned having talks with you before, and promises from your mouth. I looked on it so, because I got it from your warriors. There is some bad people at Wataugah, I hope you will move them lower down the country, or they will keep bad talk always going. This from your younger Brother Savanuca or the Raven of Chola.

His X mark.

N. B. This talk was given at the house of Capt. James Robertson by the Raven, on his return from Long Island.