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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Richard Ellis
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
June 30, 1778
Volume 13, Page 182

-------------------- page 182 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Dobbs 30th June 1778.


Your favor of the 28th Inst. I have before me, 'tis true I advised Capt. Wilson to appoint an agent for his ship at NewBern apprehending by that means he might be furnished with greater certainty and greater ease and convenience to himself and the ship's Crew. As to the money which may be expended for such necessaries as the ship may want, it is to be paid in the usual way by the Governor's Warrant on the Treasury and charged to this State only. The Assembly did not appoint an agent, I have received no Commissions or letters of Mark from the Gentleman who presides at Congress, I believe there are at New Bern one or two signed by Mr. Hancock, if these will answer your purpose when I come to New Bern you can be supplied, this I expect will be about the 10th July, and at the time if you have not disposed of all you purpose selling in the privateer, I will inform you what part will be agreeable to me to take, in the mean time, do not miss disposing of what shares you think proper.

I hope every son of Freedom who is also an American or Inhabitant of any of the United States, will cheerfully celebrate the anniversary of our Independence but I must be excused giving any order for public powder on the occasion and also for lending it on any other occasion, the reasons are obvious to every one, and on reflection, I know this must strike you forcibly.

I am dear Sir.
With great esteem
Your mo. ob. Servt.