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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Jethro Sumner
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 12, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 193-194

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Dobbs County 12th July 1778.


I had your favor of the 9th Inst. delivered me last evening, and thank you for the attention you have shown to the measure by me recommended to Col. Hogun at the same time I confess I feel great uneasiness on being informed of the ill execution of the law for completing our Battalions. In many counties a most scandalous abuse has been made of the powers lodged with the people at large. All who are really unfit for service should be discharged, they will only be a cost to the Country, and far from being any credit to it. Who the gentlemen are that have resigned their commissions I know not, but suppose from the time when they have so done, such men can be spared. I do not expect you will be able to get all the officers of the line together, so as to make the recommendation of officers I mentioned to Col. Hogun but wish as many of them to attend as can be conveniently got together on the occasion; their determination will have greater weight and of course give more satisfaction to those concerned. Pray let me entreat you to furnish me with a return, agreeable to the determination of the officers, of the gentlemen to command or officer the other three Battalions in time to lay the same before the Assembly, which is appointed to meet at Hillsborough the third of August.

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All the money that possibly could be furnished was put into the hands of the paymaster to pay the Bounty, and incidental expenses of the Regiment now about to march. With respect to Capt. Medici, I would recommend to you the ordering him on to head quarters immediately with such of his men as he can mount unless the orders he has received from Col. Bland are such as you do not wish to suspend. How far Col. Bland's power with respect to this small party of Light Horse may extend I know not, but am certain Capt. Medici can be of no service to the States by remaining here without being furnished with money, which he cannot be from this State at present.

The measure you have taken respecting the men belonging to the old Regiments and the appointment of the officers to the new is perfectly agreeable to me.

I am glad to find you so far recovered as to be able to attend to the duties of the field, but at the same time recommend to you not to fatigue yourself, in those duties beyond the bounds of prudence, the consequence to you and the State may be of prejudice. I will write you on every circumstance that occurs in which your command is in any way interested or concerned and shall always be glad to hear from you.

I am, Sir, Your mo. ob. Servt,