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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Ellis to Richard Caswell
Ellis, Robert
December 09, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 323-324

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington Decr. 9th 1778.


On application to Genl. Ashe for the money to enable me to begin and carry on the building Fort Johnston, he informed me you did his business as Treasurer and that on my presenting the

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order from the Commissioners to you, the money would be immediately paid. It is utterly out of my power to wait on your Excellency but I have sent Mr. George McCullock (a careful man) with the order, and must beg of you to hurry him away with the cash, as it is absolutely necessary to begin the Fort immediately, and without the money will be impossible. Your Excellency will please to take Mr. McCullock's receipt, and enclose it or a Copy to me.

Enclosed you have a Memorandum of such articles as are immediately wanted for the Fort, for which you will please give me orders on each respective officer in whose department they may be. The provisions Mr. Mallett informed me he would furnish on your giving him orders to do it. I will be much obliged to you to acquaint me when you will be at Elizabeth Town, that I may have the pleasure of seeing you there.

I am your Excellency's very ob. Servt.