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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Mallett to Richard Caswell
Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805
December 23, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 336-337

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Campbelton Decr. 23d. 1778.


I am now to acknowledge your Excellency's favor of the 5th Instant by Capt. Mc Allister and by him I received five quires some odd sheets and bills, which would have been the sum mentioned, had the quires have all been of one stamp. This error I

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doubt not can be easily put to rights, and for any other particulars relative to that matter, I beg leave to refer you to Mr. Porterfield. The Bond which came enclosed I have got executed, and will be handed your Excellency by Mr. Porterfield; if this Bond is also meant to cancel the bond I gave at Hillsboro, as well as other purposes, will you please to signify it in your next. The Army under the command of Genl Ashe, have not yet marched; I believe their delay is mostly for want of wagons. Last Friday I received a letter from the General pressing me in the strongest terms for at least six wagons, but the Rivers being so high that the wagons could not travel, which put it out of my power to send that number, on Saturday I despatched four which must have reached camp on Monday and at the same time gave Genl. Ashe to understand that no more could be expected from this quarter, in time to move the Troops. The supplies to this army as yet have been mostly in flour and bread, amounting to 200 bbls. and large odd Barrels. I am now collecting a drove of Cattle, and about 500 Hogs near Pedee in order to go to Camp occasionally. The Genl's. last letter to me recommended it strongly to forward all the flour I possibly can to Charleston. I shall accordingly be preparing from 12 to 20 wagons with that article without loss of time, tho'their movements will be governed either by your Excellency or the General's order; all these wagons must be pressed except my own unless advice to the contrary.

The money for these different supplies if meant to fall wholly on myself will amount to no small sum, and that ought to be in Continental dollars. Whatever orders or money your Excellency shall judge proper to send me, will be safely delivered me by Mr. Porterfield who I wish to be despatched. I had almost forgot to ask your Excellency whether a letter of credit or something like that will not be necessary to produce to the Gov. and Council or Treasurers of No Carolina in order to command such supplies as are wanting in our Camps. I am

Your Excellency's mo. ob. huml. Servt.