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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
List of papers transmitted to the North Carolina General Assembly by Richard Caswell
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
April 15, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 399-401

Papers Laid Before The General Assembly.

April 1778.

No. 1. A Resolve of Congress regarding the old Currency Dec. 3rd 1777.

2. Congress's Address to the General Assembly 23d Dec. 1777 & sundry Resolves 20th do recommending the enacting Laws, &c.

3. Resolve of Congress for punishing the Inhabitants of the United States who join the Enemy, &c., 29 Dec. 1777.

4. Resolve of Congress 31 Dec. 1777 to Suspend filling up appointments of officers in Continental Service.

5. Resolutions of Congress respecting General Burgoyne and his Troops 8 Jan. 1778.

6. Resolve of Congress regarding Transporting provisions 19 Jan. 1778.

7. Resolves of Congress 18 Dec. 1777 directing that provisions supplied prisoners be paid for in Gold & Silver, &c., &c., 21 Jany. 1778 respecting prisoners, &c.

8. Resolves of Congress requiring officers under Congress to take Oaths, &c. 3 Feb. 1778.

9. Resolves of Congress of the 5, 6 & 9 Feb. 1778 directing monthly returns, appointing Auditors of public accounts, &c., and directing executive powers of the States to suspend for Misbehavior, &c. Officers of the State, &c.

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10. Resolves of Congress for preventing Malconduct in Continental Officers and recommending the enacting Laws for recovery of Debts due to the United States 9 Feb. 1778.

11. Resolve of Congress directing Board of War to inquire into the Causes of the deficiencies in the purchasing Commissaries.

12. Resolve of Congress for laying an embargo on Beef and pork 13 Feb. 1778.

13. Resolve of Congress respecting the Complement of Continental Troops to be Raised & their places of Genl. Rendezvous &c. 26 Feb. 1778.

14. Resolve of Congress respecting the Exchange of Prisoners, &c. Feb. 26 1778.

15. Resolve of Congress for a fast 22nd April dated 7 March 1778.

16. Resolve of Congress respecting expence of removing super. & Staff Officers &c. 11 March 1778.

17. Resolve of Congress requiring 3 Delegates from each State to attend Congress 12 March 1778.

18. A Letter from Genl. Washington dated 25 Dec. 1777.

19. A Letter from Genl. Washington dated 29 Dec. 1777.

20. A Letter from Genl. McIntosh Respecting the State of the North Carolina Brigade dated 9 Jan. 1778.

21. Return of the North Carolina Brigade 5 Jan. 1778.

22. A Letter from prest. Laurens 3 Dec. 1777.

23. A Letter from Henry Laurens Esqr. President Inclosing sundry Resolves of Congress dated 17 Jan. 1778.

24. A Letter from Henry Laurens Esqr. Presdt. of Congress dated 1st March 1778.

25. A letter from Corn. Harnett Esqr. York Town Dec. 1777.

26. A Letter from the Hon. John Penn dated 15 Feb. 1778.

27. A Letter from Hon. John Penn & Corn. Harnett Esqrs. 18 Feb. 1778.

28. A Letter from War Office 31 Dec. 1777.

29. A Letter from Horatio Gates Presdt. of the Board of War recommending raising recruits & sending on Clothing dated the 7th Feb. 1778.

30. A Letter from War Office 10th Feb. 1778.

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31. Copy of a Letter from Genl. Washington & Genl. McIntosh orders respecting North Carolina Brigade 5 Jan. 1778.

32. A Return of the Continental Troops wanting to Complete the Continental Battalions 26 Feb. 1778.

33. A Return of Arms left by the No. Carolina Troops on the Road to Philadelphia.

34. Report of Com. of Virginia and No. Carolina for regulating and ascertaining prices of Labour.

35. A Letter from Gov. Henry 6 Jan. 1778.

36. A Letter from Col. Wm. Aylett D. C. G. P. S. D.

37. A Letter from Gov. Henry 11 Jan. 1778.

38. Resolve of House Delegates Virginia 10 Jan. 1778.

39. Copy Virginia Act Assembly respecting Provs.

40. Hon. Speakers of the Senate and House Delegates Virginia 14 Jan. 1778.

41. Resolve Virginia Assembly 14 Jan. 1778.

42. An Act for authorizing the Seizure of Salt in the same Manner as provisions for the use of the army, Virginia.

43. A Letter from George Wythe Esqr. Virginia 22 Jan. 1778 Inclosing sundry Resolutions Genl. Assembly to be laid before No. Carolina Assembly.

44. Copy of a Letter from Henry Laurens Esqr. President of Congress to the Speaker of the House of Delegates Virginia.

45. A Letter from Lieut. Gov. Page Wmsburg 5 Feb. 1778.

46. A Letter from Hon. John Page Esqr. Lieut. Gov. Virginia 18 Feb. 1778.

47. A Letter from Wm. Finnie D. Q. M. G. S. D. 19 Feb. 1778.

48. A Letter from Col. W. Aylett D. C. G. P. S. D. 19 Feb. 1778.

49. Resolve of Congress respecting inland Transportation of provisions 15 Jan. 1778.

50. A Letter from Fielding Lewis Esqr. dated the 29 Jan. 1778.

A Letter from Gov. Henry 23rd Feb. 1778. Pay roll of the Ship Caswell 9 April 1778.

Capt. Wilcox of the Caswell Galley requiring a Tender 9 April 1778.

15th April 1778.