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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Oath of allegiance to the United States by John Patten
Patten, John
May 11, 1778
Volume 13, Page 417

[From “Oaths of Allegiance” Army Returns No. 39, p. 173.]

I, John Patten, Colonel of the 2d No. Carolina Battalion, do acknowledge the United States of America to be Free, Independent and Sovereign States, and declare that the people thereof owe no allegiance or obedience to George the Third, King of Great Britain; and I renounce, refuse and abjure any allegiance or obedience to him; and I do Swear____that I will to the utmost of my power, support, maintain and defend the said United States against the said King George the Third, his heirs and successors, and his or their abettors, assistants and adherents, and will serve the said United States in the office of Colonel____which I now hold, with fidelity, according to the best of my skill and understanding.


Sworn to before me this
11th day of May 1778.

Lachn McIntosh B. G.