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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning North Carolina Continental Army troops, including cover letter from James Hogun
United States. Continental Congress
May 29, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 425-426

[Journals of Congress, Vol. II, P. 571.]

Friday, May 29, 1778.

Congress took into consideration the report of the committee on Governor Caswell's letter: Whereupon,

-------------------- page 426 --------------------

Resolved, That the non-commissioned officers and other men belonging to the battalions of the State of North Carolina, now in camp, be forthwith reduced and formed by the commander-in-chief into as many battalions as they will complete, according to the number composing the old battalions; and that such new formed battalions be officered agreeably to the new arrangement of the battalions; and that all the supernumerary officers be immediately ordered to return to the State of North Carolina, to officer the men raised by that State to complete their quota of the continental battalions, there to remain till the further order of Congress.

Resolved, That the State of North Carolina be required to fill up four battalions, and no more, upon the new establishment, in addition to those now in camp, and to officer the same with such of their continental officers as may be ordered from camp as supernumeraries of the battalions there, or as are within the State of North Carolina, or with such other persons as they shall think proper; and that the said four battalions remain within the State of North Carolina, at such places as the Governor shall direct until the farther order of Congress.

Resolved, That the officers who have been appointed by the said State of North Carolina to battalions raised by that State, and who shall not be annexed either to their battalions in camp nor to one of the said four battalions, shall not be considered in the service of the United States, but as dismissed therefrom.

Resolved, that 100,000 Dollars be paid to Capt. Redding Blount in lieu of Governor Caswell's draft for 500,000 Dollars made in Pursuance of a Resolution of the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, the said State to be Accountable for the Same.

A true Copy taken from the Minutes.

Dear Sir:

I have this day Received the above resolve and have sent it to you by Capt. Brinkley that you may use your Pleasure in giving orders. I have sent a man to the Governor for his orders. I am Sir with great Regard,

Your most Humble Servt,