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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Continental Congress [Extracts]
United States. Continental Congress
September 25, 1778 - January 24, 1782
Volume 13, Pages 484-485

[Journals of Congress Vol. III, P. 68.]

September 25, 1778.


Resolved, That Major General Robert Howe, be, and he is hereby directed to repair immediately to Gen. Washington's head quarters.

-------------------- page 485 --------------------

Resolved, That Major General Lincoln take command in the Southern department; and repair immediately to Charleston, South Carolina.

[Idem, P. 169, December 29, 1778.]

Resolved, That two brigadiers be appointed for the troops of North Carolina.

Col. Jethro Sumner and Col. Thomas Clark are nominated for brigadiers by the delegates of North Carolina.

Resolved, That an additional brigadier be appointed for the troops of South Carolina.

Col. Isaac Huger is nominated by the delegates of South Carolina.

[Idem, P. 173, January 1, 1779.]

Resolved, That the board of War be directed to supply, on the application of the delegates of North Carolina, the men of Col. Hogun's regiment, which chiefly consists of draughts from the militia of that State, with such articles of clothing as in the opinion of the board may be spared from the continental stock, without detriment to the service; the articles received by the regiment by order of the board, to be charged to the said State.

[Idem, P. 180, January 9, 1779.]


“Congress proceeded to the election of brigadiers, when by unanimous consent, Colonel Hogun was put in nomination as a brigadier for the North Carolina troops; and the ballots being taken, Col. Sumner, Col. Hogun, and Col. Huger were elected brigadiers.

[Idem, P. 714, January 24, 1782.]

A letter of the 23d, from Gen. Washington, was read, accompanied with the proceedings of a General Court-Martial, upon Major General Howe; the said proceedings being also read,

Resolved, That the sentence of the General Court-Martial, acquitting Major General Robert Howe, with the highest honour, of the charges exhibited against him, be, and hereby is approved and confirmed.”