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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Jethro Sumner
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
Volume 14, Pages 4-5

[From Executive Letter Book.]


I rec'd your favour dated at Camden by Capt. Hall, and should have lodged a letter in Warren agreeable to your request, if I had had any thing particular to communicate to you. I have since been favoured with yours of the third Inst. with its inclosures. the substitutes in the Continental service hired by the Militia for the Districts of Edenton, New Bern and Halifax, marched from Kingston about a fortnight ago, to Campbleton where they were to be joined by those from the District of Wilmington. From thence Col. Lamb proposed marching them to Camden, and there he expected to be joined by those raised in Hillsborough and Salisbury Districts previous to his marching. Capt. Blount was sent to the latter, and Lieut. Allen to the former, to receive the men and march them to Charlotte. No doubt you have before this heard from Col. Lamb or Col. Armstrong on this business, and also that Congress has directed their Troops in this State to

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be marched to South Carolina. Those who marched from Kinston received good new arms, which were on the way to South Carolina sent from the Northward by Congress. Either of the places you mention as proper for the Encampment of the men until there may be a real necessity for their marching lower down the Country, will be perfectly agreeable to me, but at the same time I beg leave to recommend your directing the officer who may have the command of them immediately on his arrival at such place as you shall direct in So. Carolina to give notice thereof and make a return to the Commander in Chief in the Southern Department. He will also do well to advise the Governor of that State of his situation and numbers. Of course he will transmit me a return which I shall be glad to receive in time to lay the same before the General Assembly.

I am with respect & esteem Sir,
Your mo. obed. Servt.