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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Gideon Lamb to Richard Caswell
Lamb, Gideon, 1741-1781
January 03, 1779
Volume 14, Page 7

-------------------- page 7 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, Jany 3rd, 1779.


Yesterday arrived here Capt. Pugh with eighty-five men from Bertie. He informs me that about one hundred men marched from Hertford about the same time that he marched from Bertie; they are hourly expected. I am also informed that about fifty men more are on their march from Pasquotank, Currituck, and Perquimans; they will be here in four or five days. The Troops now here, including Capt. Pugh's, will march to-morrow by way of Cross Creek. The addition of Capt. Pugh's Company renders the sum of Money that I received from your Excellency for the purpose of defraying the expense of the Commissary and Quarter Master insufficient, by I suppose one thousand pounds. I think no less sum than fifteen hundred pounds will be sufficient for the Commissary and Quarter Master, who may be appointed to march on with the hundred and fifty now on their march to the place. If your Excellency should join me in opinion, I would wish the money to be paid into the hands of Mr. William Blount, who will forward on the thousand pounds for the use of the Troops marching on under my command, and will pay the fifteen hundred pounds to whoever may be appointed Commissary and Quarter Master to march on with the Troops that embody here after my departure.

Col. John Pugh Williams, I understand, has not yet left home, and that he intends to join his Troops at Elizabeth Town. I think he had best come this way and take command of such Troops as may embody hereafter, and march them by way of Cross Creek, and to this effect I have wrote to him by Express. I shall have the pleasure of seeing you in a few days at Halifax, as I set out for that place as soon as I have sent my Troops on, which I expect will be the day after to-morrow, at farthest; in the meantime, I have the honor to be,

Your Excellency's mo. ob. Servt.