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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Allen Jones
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
March 05, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 30-31

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 5th March, 1779.


Your favor of the 28th ulto was handed me last evening by Mr. Nathaniel Jones, who has, in consequence of your appointment of him commissary, received £7,000. This sum I hope will be necessary to answer both his purpose and that of a Quarter Master, which latter office I persuade myself you'l find it absolutely necessary to appoint, as it will be impossible for the Commissary to attend to the furnishing forage to the Horse, and the other business of the Quarter Master's department.

The route I would recommend for the light horse is from Halifax

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to Hillsboro', and from thence to Salisbury. I shall send an express this day to Genl. Butler to request him to have his light horse ready to join those of Halifax on their march at Hillsborough. It will be perfectly agreeable to me that you take the command of the Light Horse, but previous to your leaving Halifax I must beg you to see that the proportion of your Drafts of the 1,500 men be made up and sent forward agreeable to orders, which I have issued to the several Colonels, and of which I lately advised you from New Bern.

The situation of our affairs to the Westward makes it necessary for me to march into that Country to be convenient to afford my assistance to the Troops there, and also such as may be in my power to South Carolina. The Council have advised such a measure, and recommended my receiving such Volunteers as are inclined to march with me, in the service of their Country, without pay, but to have Rations of provisions and Forage issued to them, selves and Horses. Some have signified their inclinations by going by signing a Subscription paper to that effect. We are to assemble at this place the 15th Inst., when I expect the Drafts from your District and this will arrive and be put in motion. I shall proceed so as to be at Salisbury the 25th, when, if you march I shall wish to have the pleasure of seeing you there. If I am not able to arrive there by that time, I shall send forward the necessary orders with such information as I may be able to collect.

I truly lament the distresses for want of Arms, but as the Assembly in their late Session did not think it expedient to adopt the plan you propose, and their meeting will be in so short a time, I think it will be most advisable to decline sending any person to Virginia to purchase. In the meantime I beg leave to recommend your writing to the Manager at Hunter's works, to know whether arms can be supplied, what number, and when they can be delivered—from 2 to 3,000 stand, and what is the price of good Muskets, with Bayonets. A Pay Master is certainly necessary, but I believe will not be wanting 'till we arrive at Salisbury, where I will endeavour to get one to attend with what money may be in hand to pay the Troops.

Nothing new from the Southward since my last.
I am, Dr Sir, with respect and esteem, your mo. ob. Servt.,