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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Mallett, Emmet & Mallett to Richard Caswell
Mallett, Emmet & Mallett
July 31, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 179-180

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Campbleton, 31st July, 1779.


We have received your Excellency's favor addressed to Mr. Mallett, of the 19th Inst. As he is now at Hillsboro, it was his request that we should do the business necessary, as well as attend to your orders while he was absent.

We are sorry to inform you that bread kind is exceedingly scarce—tho' likely we have on hand near 30 blls. flour, and shall continue to purchase, if possible. We are under much dread that their Horses will suffer, as it is not possible to get one bushel of

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corn, upon any consideration, in this County. We dispatched an express this day to Bladen in hopes to get oats; if to be had, no time will be lost in securing them. We are also to acknowledge the warrant on the Treasurer for £5,000; this sum may be to furnish these Troops under Col. Lamb. Of course, whenever another party comes on we shall not be either in cash or in flour; besides, we beg leave to mention that from the appearances of Mr. Mallett's account, he must be from 3 to £4,000 in advance for Salt, Cooperage, storage, &c., for public Pork. It may be necessary also to inform you that, at the request of the Virginia officers, two wagon loads Pork are on the way to them in the back Country. The reasons for this demand, Mr. Mallett tells us, is that the salt provisions under Col. Rochester proved bad. We should therefore think it advisable, in order that Bread kind should be in readiness, that we might receive another warrant by this or the first conveyance, if it is possible to come at Continental money. Your Excellency will, in a most particular manner, oblige us by a line to the Treasurer for that purpose.

We had almost forgot to tell you that Col. Matthews applied to us for supplies for his men, at the same time showed us your orders, and informed us that he could not get provisions any other way but thro' us.

We are your Excellency's ob. humbl. Serv'ts,