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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Isaac Guion to Richard Caswell
Guion, Isaac, 1740-1803
December 03, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 229-230

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern, 3d Dec'r, 1779.

Dr. Sir:

Your favor covering the order for iron, and of 1st Inst., I have duly rec'd. The order I have sent with full force, and have paid the attention to the Contents of the latter. I have applied to the principal Merchants, and other money-holders, but have been unsuccessful, as I have not had a promise of a dollar for the purpose you want it. The excuses of the Merchants are that they can't dispose of their goods on hand for the money, and others

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they have a present want for their money to purchase provisions for the ensuing year. I am sorry I have it not in my power to send your Excellency a more favorable account of the disposition of the money-holders in serving the public, as I am certain they must be sensible that the service will be retarded for want of money. Anything in my power shall not be wanting. I am sorry for your indisposition on your own account, as well as the public, as you no doubt might have done more in person than I can possibly do. If I should meet with any person inclinable to lend, shall inform you, Sir.

I shall pay proper regard to your request respecting the prisoners and vessel when procured. Mr. Ogden made an offer yesterday of a Brig. I have desired him to deliver me his proposals in writing, in order to consult the President when he comes in Town. Several Vessels expected in, therefore shall not conclude hastily. Singleton is arrived at Beaufort. The Brig has been in a pretty smart fray on her passage home with a Privateer Schooner of 14 Guns; was engaged, they say, for 3½ hours; had 6 men wounded and 1 killed. Singleton received a small shot in his head. The ship Cornell is hourly expected with 300 bushels salt.

I am, with unfeigned regard, Dear Sir,
Your Mo. ob. Serv't,
Gov. Caswell.