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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Thackston to Jethro Sumner
Thackston, James, d. 1792
August 24, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 338-339


Camp Near X Creek, August 24th, 1779.


I have just now finished Discharging all the soldiers whose time expired on the first & fifth of this month; those whose time

-------------------- page 339 --------------------
does not expire till the first of Dec. next, & the old soldiers, were by order of Genl. Lincoln, formed into Companies, Officered and sent to Charlestown, A return of which, together with a return of the Brigade for the last month, you will receive with this. All the arms and Accoutrements that were in possession of the men now Disch'd were delivered to the Asst. Deputy Qr. Master Genl. in South Carolina, except about thirty stand that I Detained for the Guard that went with the prisoners of war belonging to this State from Charlestown to Salisbury By order of Gov. Caswell, the whole Brigade was Mustered and paid off, up to the first day of this month; the Muster rolls I would send you, but in the hurry of Business Lt. Colo. Lytle, who was Appointed to Muster the Regiments, (when he left me,) Carried them off with him. I was under The Necessity before I left Head Quarters, of Applying to Genl. Lincoln for money, on Acct. of this State, to purchase necessaries for the Officers on their march home, which he Cheerfully granted, to the Amount of Four Thousand one Hundred & Eighty Dollars, which sum I put into the hands of Capt. Medearis, to enable him to Furnish the Requisites. I have had a very Troublesome and tiresome time of it ever since you left me, but I have at length got through with it, I hope to your satisfaction.

I have given orders to all the officers that Come in with the Troops now Discharged to be Diligent in Apprehending Deserters that may be lurking in the counties adjacent to the places of abode until they receive your further Orders.

I am, Sir, your obed. hum. Servt.,
J. THACKSTON, Lt. Col. Com.