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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Continental Congress [Extracts]
United States. Continental Congress
November 11, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 352-353


Thursday, November 11th, 1779.


The committee, consisting of Mr. Laurens, Mr. Marchant, Mr. Holton, Mr. Harnett & Mr. Fitzhugh, appointed to correspond with the commanding officer in the Southern department, and to whom were referred the letters of the 22d of October last, from Major General Lincoln, brought in their report; Whereupon,

Resolved, That Gen. Washington order the North Carolina troops, and such others as may be conveniently spared from his Army, to reinforce Gen. Lincoln without delay.

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Resolved, That the governors of Virginia and North Carolina be again requested to use their utmost exertions to have the whole of the troops ordered from their respective States, sent forward without loss of time to join General Lincoln's Army, and that the troops be ordered away as they can, from time to time, be collected.

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Resolved, That Gen. Lincoln be directed to cause a court of enquiry to be held on Brigadier-General Scott, for disobedience of the orders of Congress of the 27th of July last.

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