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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Anthony Walton White to Horatio Gates
White, Anthony Walton, 1750-1803
August 31, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 582-583


Halifax, August 31st, 1780.


I Received yours the 24th the contents of which I shall not fail to comply with, as soon as we can get in a situation to be of the least service in the field. Inclose'd I send you a very Exact return of the Situation Of the Troops under my command, with the Arms, and accourtaments they have fit for service. You'l

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please to Notice that Majr. Nelson's best Troop is now in Virginia compleat, Good Horse, Well Equip't, and Accoutre'd. As I conceive them under my command, I have wrote to the commanding officer Of the Troop ordering him on Immediately with his Troop. I have inform'd his Excellency, Governour Gefferson of this, I hope it may meet with both his & your Approbation as you seem to think Cavalry of more service in the field, than when I had the honour of seeing you at Petersburgh. A Letter to the Governour approving of the Order I have given to Capt. Read of Nelson's Corps, I make not the least doubt will be of Infinate Service. Arms, Accoutraments and Cloathing are much wanting in this Corps, to Enable them to take the field, and be of any service as Dragoons. Majr. Nelson has made application to the Governour of Virginia who assur'd him his application should be Immediately comply'd with, and his other Troop Order'd to join his Corps provided an application came from you for that purpose.

The great numbers of men that are down with the Ague, & fever prevents My even giving a Guess when it will be in my power to comply with yr. orders. I am truly unhappy for the unfortunate Event of the G. Army On the 16th Instant, and sorry that the Want of Horse should in so great a measure be the Cause of it. The Sixty Horse of Colo. Armond's being of no Service, causes me to fear a More pointed service is due. I rec'd your Order to deliver all the Swords of an Inferiour Sort we have in the Cavalry, to Colo. Long, D. Q. M. Genl. to be appropriated to the Use of a Corps of Horse drafted from the Militia. The few we have of this kind Will be of no Service to any Horse, that have the Most distant Intent of Charging the British Cavalry.

I have the honour to be,
With the greatest Respect & Esteem,
Your Most Obedt., Hble. Servt.,