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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Christian Senf to Horatio Gates
Senf, John Christian
October 05, 1780
Volume 14, Page 672


Richmond, Octr. 5th, 1780.

The Honourable Majr. Genl. Gates.
Dearest General:

The 2d inst., in the forenoon, I arrived here at Richmond, and am to set off this Afternoon, to be tomorrow Evening at Williamsburg. Two days I have been copying plans of Portsmouth and Environs. The Governor has kindly offert me all Assistance he can give me.

That the French Fleet, which has been seen off, has arrived at Rhode Island is here believd, but it is said likewise that for certain Admiral Rodny should have arrived at the Hook with 12 Ship of the Line and 4 frigattes. Suppose I give Credit to the last Acct. of Admiral Rodny's Arrival; the French West. Ind. fleet can't be far off, and this will give us still the Superiority. Governor Jefferson, who writes to you, will certainly write more about it.

Be so kind and sent me that order which I begg'd off You in a Letter from Harrisborg, which may inable me, in Case of Necessity, to go out to Sea and to proceed along the Sea Shore by Land. Without such an Order I shall not be able to do it.

I shall make, from time to time, my rapports to you.

I remain, with the greatest respect,
Your faithfull Servt. and sincere friend,