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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Peter Muhlenberg to Horatio Gates
Muhlenberg, John Peter Gabriel, 1746-1807
October 12, 1780
Volume 14, Page 687

-------------------- page 687 --------------------

Richmond, October 12th, 1780.

Dear General:

Two days ago I was honored with your favor of the 24th of Sept., in answer to which I now do myself the Honor to inform You I have about 1,000 Men collected at Chesterfield Court House; but, notwithstanding our exertions, we have not been able to procure such articles as are essentially necessary for the troops on this march. Blanketts are totally out of the Question, but we have procured Materials for 100 Tents, and all the workmen we could collect are employd in making them. I have ordered the second Regt. to hold themselves in readiness to march on Monday next, & the 7th. will be ready to follow in a few days. I should have sent on the troops before this, but cannot think they will be able to render any real Services in their present naked conditions. If they are to go on without waiting for the most necessary articles I shall be happy to receive Your Orders for that purpose. The New Levies from Winchester, Stanton, Pittsylvania & Brunswick, who are to compose the 6th Regt., are by an express Order from The Governor & Councill to March by the nearest rout to Hillsborough. I am now pressing Waggons to send on Arms & Shoes for them agt. they arrive at Hillsborough.

I have the Honor to be,
With great Respect, Dear General,
Your Most Obedt. Hble. Servt.,