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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Stevens to Horatio Gates
Stevens, Edward
November 12, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 735-736


Hillsborough, Novemr. 12th., 1780.

Dear Genl.:

The 290 Stand of Arms and 500 Setts of Accoutremt. that were at Taylor's Ferry is Just arrived here, with a little Brandy and Flower.

The Arms and Accoutrements are ordered to be imediately given out, And what of the Eighteen months' men that will be in a condition to march will be ready to move in a few days, if they can be furnished with provisions before hand to take them to Guilford Court House.

By the time I can get an Answer from you to this, I expect the

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Militia will be as well equipped to go Forward as they will be if they remained here till their time of service expires. I wish yr. orders respecting them.

I see no prospect of ye Artillerists being furnished with Shoes or any thing else in any Short time. Many of ye Eighteen months, men Majr. Ridley informs me are Quite without Shoes. It's not possible men in that situation can march at this season of ye Year, therefore many of them cannot go on. They might perform ye duty here that appears by yr. Instructions to me that you intend some of ye Militia shall do, at least so far as their numbers may be that is in that situation, until they can be furnished. I hear the Goods from Newburn are on their way. If they arrive at this place before ye Eighteen months' men are ready to move I shall detain them a day or Two that they may go to yo. under ye escort of that Detachment.

Since my last we have no Account of the enemy in Virginia. The latest Accots. here from ye Sea Coast is by a Letter from Genl. Harrington to ye Board of War. The contents I should have now communicated to you, had I not discovered by his Letter he had sent you ye same intelligence.

With much respect,
I am, Dear General,
Your most Obt. & very hum. Servt.,