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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Moultrie to Lachlan McIntosh
Moultrie, William, 1730-1805
June 26, 1780
Volume 14, Page 861

-------------------- page 861 --------------------
(From Moultrie's Memories, Vol. 2. page 119, 120.)

Charleston, June 26th, 1780.


I am sorry to be informed that our officers behave so much amiss, as to make it necessary to hold court martials over them, and that they even dispute any authority we may have; I am therefore to request, that you will let them know that I think myself fully authorized for that purpose, notwithstanding we are prisoners of war, and should any disorders happen, you will apply to me, and I will immediately order a court martial to be held, and approve or disapprove as I shall think right, and will transmit the sentence to Congress, for their approbation. The Commandant of the British troops agrees with me in opinion as to my right, and will allow me to send a flag to Congress for that purpose. I am sorry to inform you that the gentlemen must not apply for any more indulgences for the present as Mr. Pendleton's escape has put an end to all those matters.

I am &c.,