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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Wade to Abner Nash
Wade, Thomas, 1720-1786
June 28, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 865-866

-------------------- page 865 --------------------

Salisbury, 28th June, 1780.


I yesterday set out from this place to cross the Country to our Continental Army, and near Abots Creek had like to fell in with a Body of Torys, said to be about 8 or 9 hundred in number, which had retreated from our army out of the fork of the Yadkin River. This day we expect to leave them, as you'l see we have a large Body of them on the South fork of the Catawba River. In Judge Spencer's Leter, which I supose to Contain the full Act's, therefore say nothin about the particulars. The general Conduct of those Rioters? and the Expence & Disadvantage of having so many of our men taken of their duties to guard the number of prisoners that daily fall, and will of course fall, into our hands make it absolutely necessary that a Commission issue to Judg Spencer to hold Courts of Oire interminer in Every one of the following County: Anson, Richmond, Montgomery, Rowan, Surry, Rutherford, Burke & Lincoln, and the sooner the better, if your Excellency should think it. The Judg assures us that he will expect the appointment and doe his duty.

Sir, the delay of our Troops will, I fear, be of bad consequence, as a fleet and Army of Our Alies are now to the southward of Charles town, and Confines the British shiping to the harbour. I stayed in Anson, Depending on the militia officers, till the Enemy was within 26 miles of my place, and then obliged to make my escape with part of my property. I have suffered, at the Least Act., 50 thousand pounds by them, besides my Crop, which they will Destraw, I expect, as they make my plantation their Rendesvous Since Last Thursday, for a few Highlanders and Tory. Our Col. went to them to So. Carolina and took parole; the County is destitute of officers; should we retake it, which I hope will be the case in a few days' time, our Lieutenant Col. and one Major having Removed to Virginia. I could have raised a small Independent Regiment of Refugees, from there nearly equal to the Continental Troops, they having been in the Georgia service and South Carolina, and rather than submit are in our state working for their Bread, though detained till your approbation should be known. Judg Spencer mentioned something of it in his Letter I Express

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to you, though any thing that is for the Interest of this Country all ways shall stedely be attended to, you may depend, by me.

I am, Sir, your Huble. Serv't,