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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin and Thomas Benbury and Abner Nash
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807; Benbury, Thomas
August 23, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 59-60

-------------------- page 59 --------------------

Hillsborough, August 23d, 1780.

To His Excellency Abner Nash, Esquire, Captain General, Governor, &c., &c.

In answer to your Excellency's Message of this Day, we the Members Convened, beg leave to hint to your Excellency as our private Sentiments the following Important Objects:

First. That we advise your Excellency to call out from such Districts & Counties such a Body of the Militia, not exceeding one half, to be proportioned as you think necessary, & that they march immediately, by the shortest & most convenient route, to join Genl. Caswell, or to any other post you shall please to appoint; their serving three months, to commence from their rendezvous at Head Quarters, or such post as may be Directed, unless sooner disbanded, shall be recommended to the General Assembly as a Tour of Duty.

We further advise your Excellency to order the Commanding Officers of the several Counties out of which you may order the Militia to appoint Contractors or Commissioners to provide provisions, spirits & other necessaries for the use of the Militia to be called into service, & the Members here present engage their Faith and Honor to use their Influence in the General Assembly that an adequate, full and ample satisfaction be made for the same, and that Col. Long be directed to immediately purchase, or in case of refusal to impress, all the Iron pots and Kettles now at Wilcox's Iron works & forward them immediately to Camp.

That your Excellency be requested to issue a Proclamation requiring all Deserters & Refugees belonging to this State to repair to Head Quarters, & that the Commanding Officers of the respective Counties exert themselves in carrying the purport of such proclamation into Effect in apprehending & forwarding such persons immediately to Head Quarters.

We shall continue a few days at this place for the purpose of froming an Assembly, in which Time we will gladly and cheerfully advise with your Excellency in any matter that may tend to the Defence of the State.

In the present Critical Conjuncture we submit to your

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Excelly's prudence all other matters respecting the Defence of this State.

By order & in behalf of the Members present,