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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Warrant to James Geekie to summon Thomas Jones and William Hill to appear before the North Carolina General Assembly
Person, Thomas, 1733-1800
April 17, 1780 - April 19, 1780
Volume 15, Page 193

-------------------- page 193 --------------------

State of North Carolina.

Whereas a Petition from some of the Inhabitants of Wilmington, complaining of an illegal election, &c., for the said town, being referred to the Committee of Privileges and Elections:

You are, therefore, hereby Authorized to bring before the Committee of Privileges and Elections (now sitting at the Town of New Bern) the Sheriff of New Hanover County, so that he make his personal appearance on the 28th of this instant, April, Otherwise to cause a Due return to be made to the aforesaid Committee on the 28th of April aforesaid of an Election begun and held at Wilmington on the Tenth day of March last, for Electing one person to represent the aforesaid Town of Wilmington. Herein you are not to fail.

Given under my hand and Seal this 17th day of April, 1780.

Witness. [Seal.]
To James Geekie to
Exect. & Return.

You are further hereby required to summons William Hill, of the Town of Wilmington, to make his personal appearance before the said Committee of Privileges and Elections, on the Day above mentioned, then and there to answer to such matters and things as shall then be alledged against his having a right to a seat in the Commons House of Assembly.

Given under my hand this 19th April, 1780.


Wilmington, 22d of April, 1780.

The was duly Executed, and by Post return'd the within Warrant, Though did not know before that I was a Constable, yet be assured that I shall be always ready and willing to execute justice, and render my Country every Service in my power.