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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Nicholas Long to Jethro Sumner
Long, Nicholas, ca. 1726-1797
June 14, 1781
Volume 15, Page 482

-------------------- page 482 --------------------

Halifax, June 14th, 1781.

Dear General:

I received yours of the 12th Instant & observe you mention some impropriety in my last. Possible there might be, however I think there appears to have been a misconstruction laid on it, as you suppose from some part thereof that your Brigade is not to shear with those emediately with General Greene. I think my letter will bear no such meaning, as I said the duck that I had in my possession was to be sent to Genl. Greene's Army, may perhaps be what you allude to. Sir, I say again that this duck that I have in my care was purchased by Mr. Clay & left with me to be sent to General Greene's Headquarters to make overalls for the Troops now with him. These words were expressed in the receipt I gave and I therefore do not think I have any right to offer it otherwise. But if you think proper to offer that or anything else belonging to my department your order will be cheerfully complied with. I observe the impropriety of my saying there is a Quarter Master Genl. to the Militia appointed, who I understand the Governor has given Instructions to take what number of Artificers he think proper to call for out of that body. Therefor suppose it is to equip the Continental Troops as well as those of the Militia was my reason for that paragraph. As for your calling the artificers thats now with me into the field & puting arms and accoutrements into their hands will give me great satisfaction as well as rid me of a great deal of trouble. My reason for mentioning the Troops that are now in Camp was idle for want of arms & accoutrements and would as well be employed in procuring those articles as they are assentially necessary to have in the field. I leave you to judge as at the time I wrote that there was not any prospect of having them furnished shortly. Your saying you suppose the shoes is to follow the canvas, I think seems to be an unfriendly expression which I know no reason for. I have some stores to go to the Southern Army. Should be glad you would recommend the rout and what Guard, you think necessary as I have not had any intelligence from those in the Western part of this State lately. Should be glad of a Scetch of the intelligence that you have received lately and remain,

Dr. Sr., your most Obt., Hum. Servant,