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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hardy Murfree to Abner Nash
Murfree, Hardy
July 10, 1781
Volume 15, Page 521

-------------------- page 521 --------------------

Murfree's Landing, 10 July, 1781.

I reced. your Excellency's favour and observed the Contents. Inclosed is a return of Stores Impressed. I had procured a larger quantity of Sugar & Coffee than you mentioned, and sent a part of it to Camp. I offered to return the Sugar & Coffee Impressed from Mr. Gregory and Mr. Long, they said they had plenty of Sugar & Coffee and had rather I would keep it. The owners of the other Sugar is at Edenton, I have not had an opportunity of seeing them to know whether they will receive theirs or not. I did not know what quantity of Stores to impress and wrote to Genl. Sumner for his orders, but never had the pleasure of hearing from him. I mentioned to Colo. Ashe, it was his opinion that 9000 wt. Sugar and a Smaller quantity of Coffee, would not be too much. I did not impress all the rum agreeable to your Excellency's orders, as the Merchants Complained if all their rum was taken they could not comply with Contracts they had made, and rum was the principle Article to purchase Tobacco of the Country, so I only Impressed between a third & a half of what each man had, except the refugees from South Carolina I did not take any from, and thought that would be a Supply for the present, and if the other was wanting it could be had at any time hereafter. I have taken all the Canvass & ammunition on Meherin River Except a quantity of Canvass from Mr. Nelson a refugee from South Carolina.

I am your Excellencys Most Huml. Servant.,

N. B. There is part of the Stores sent to Colo. Long and the reremainder will be sent there in a few days.

H. M.