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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Cole Mountflorence to Jethro Sumner
Mountflorence, James Cole, ca. 1745-1820
July 16, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 540-541


Salisbury, July the 16th, 1781.

Dr. General:

I cannot but be amazed with the contents of your Letter, & it is my duty to inform you that upwards of 3 thousand Weights of Meat, & near the same quantity of Beef have been delivered to your Brigade since Saturday Morning, or Friday Evening, as I'll prove to you by the Vouchers from your Quarter Master, which certainly would be at least 3 days rations for near 700 men which number I am told you have not. Mr. Steel assured me yesterday that you had provisions enough for to-day, even supplying the detachment who went off with 25 Bushels more of Meal, they had from the Mill, which were intended for the support of the Guard in town.

Had we been informed yesterday that no provisions were on hand for to-day you would have been supplied early in the morning. No application was made till Mr. Steel went to camp to-day, & we had the misfortune of losing 3 Beeves out of the Pen which we thought we had reason to depend upon. Your Butchers with one of the Commissaries are now out, killing the Cattle & are expected in every moment, your demand of a lamb I have ordered to be complied with, & certainly your Quart. Mr. does not use you well to suffer you to be without provisions, having received so considerable quantity yesterday and the day before. Could anything be had sooner for your own table, you may depend that I would procure it upon any terms, but you know yourself the wretched situation

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of this neighborhood. I'll have the honor to wait on you in a few hours & take your orders for to-morrow.

I have borrowed a piece of meat, which I send to you, & am sorry it is not better.

I am with respect yr. M. Obt. Servt.