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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Affidavit of William Hunt concerning the impressment of a horse
Hunt, William
August 20, 1781
Volume 15, Page 611


August 20th, 1781.

On the Eighteenth Instant I went to Fussel's Race Paths where there was a Large Number of People Gathered together. I took a Sorril Horse, as I afterwards understood belonged to Joshua Perree. I kept the horse for the Space of two hours, I believe in possession and no person Claimed him. I then had him Cry'd through the company. A young man by the name of Jerre Perree came up and said that the horse was rode there by his brother, but his brother was gone to Anderson's Swamp & had Rode his the Sd. Jerry's horse, and he was to ride that horse home that we had in possession. I askt him if he would sell the horse & take a Certificate on the Publick. He said he could not. I then shew him my Authority & Impresst the horse & had him valued Agreeable to Law. I took of the bridle and gave to the Sd. Jerre Perree & took a Pr. Bridle Ranes & tide Round his neck, about the time I was giving the Strop the last Hich, the Sd. J. Perree Struck the horse Over the head with a Switch, the horse Rard up, he then struck him behind. He puld loose from me and away he went.


August 20th, 1871.

N. B. by two Holders.

W. H.

This day Came Wm. Hunt before me and made oath to the Justness of the Above.