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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposal concerning the establishment of a printer
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Volume 15, Pages 647-648


Agreeable to your Excellency's desire, I take the liberty of laying the following Proposals before you:

1st. I wou'd prefer this Town for the Establishment of a Printing Office, to any Place I have seen in this Country unless your Excellency should think otherwise.

2ndly. I would propose printing a News-Paper Weekly, by Subscription.

3dly. That as Probably I shall have much Public Business to do, and as Mr. Davis will be concerned with me, I wou'd have the mode of payment for such, for him to Settle with the Assembly, &c.

Lastly. As I would wish to carry on this Business in the most Extensive manner that the Present, or future Times may admit of, and for so doing, it would be Necessary that a sufficient Quantity of Paper, &c., should be Purchased, and as it is inconsistent with my Present Situation to make such Purchase; I would beg leave to Mention to your Excellency that you would be pleased to recommend

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it to the Legislature (or any other way that you may think proper) that such Purchase may be Made.